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The Klitschko VS Klitschko Debate

Posted on 11. Sep, 2012 by FSM Staff in Boxing, General Sports

The Klitschko VS Klitschko Debate

The first decade of this century will be remembered as one of the weakest of all time for the heavyweight division. The decline officially started in 2003 when Lennox Lewis announced his retirement from the sport, leaving the division wide open for the Klitschko brothers to feast.

After a few bumps in the road named Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster, the real Waldimir Klitschko emerged. He started collecting KOs like they were going out of style and he recently reached the 50 KO club. Think about that. This man has knocked out fifty other human beings.

Vitali never had as much hype as his baby brother when HBO was introducing the Klitschko’s to their American viewers. Vitali always seemed to be that supportive older guy in the corner that just looked like he could box. His knockouts were less sensational but far more brutal as they usually built up over time. His lack of mainstream appeal was directly due to his lack of vulnerability. When Vitali’s younger brother Wladimir would fight, he was always a puncher’s chance away from losing a fight.

Vitali however has had no Corrie Sanders moments. Instead, he played his role as big brother and whipped Sanders’ arse to get revenge for the Klitschko name. Not only has he never been knocked out but he hasn’t even been knocked down. His only two losses were due to injury and he was ahead on the scorecards in both fights before the stoppages occurred.

The Klitschko brothers have vowed never to fight each other but Vitali would be the overwhelming favorite if they ever did.

The weak heavyweight division is obviously no fault of the Klitschkos. Unfortunately it will be considered in discussions everywhere when fans debate amongst themselves. It will be hard to place the pair amongst the greats of all time but they do belong in there somewhere.

But let’s stimulate the mind for a second. Suppose you could only choose one of them for the boxing hall of fame. Who would it be? Could Vitali ever reach 50 KOs? Could Wladimir hang with Lennox Lewis?

How to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 3 easy steps

Posted on 01. Nov, 2011 by FSM Staff in Boxing, Highlight

How to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 3 easy steps

How to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 3 easy steps

With all the recent controversy over the Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Victor Ortiz knockout, the most important topic of all has been overlooked – How exactly do you beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Luckily for the sporting world, the experts at FreeSportsMagazine have finally devised a plan. Follow these three easy steps and FSM guarantees you will attain victory.*

Step 1: Go Amish

In the era of social networking and HBO’s 24/7 series, one of Pretty Boy Floyd’s greatest weapons has been psychology. He is certainly a provocative figure who knows how to push people’s buttons. If you end up hating him, he has done his job. For once you let Floyd Mayweather Jr. wiggle his way into your brain you have already lost the battle. A hate filled fighter throwing wild punches full of rage (Victor Ortiz anyone?) plays right into his hands. Take away the platform, and you take away some of his power. Don’t dare watch television and forget about twitter. Abstain from the internet and only talk to your closest friends.

Step 2: Get Fit

Perhaps the only fighter in history to come in to the ring in better shape than Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Rocky Balboa. Pretty Boy Floyd will battle to the end and you will have to win this fight in the late rounds. Forget about good conditioning. This effort will require supreme conditioning. Don’t waste time working on technique or punching mitts. Run and spar. Run and spar. Run and spar. For as long as possible for as many days in a row as possible. Mix it up with heavy sparring as well. You will have to be able to take punches without getting tired. Sucker Floyd into thinking your stamina has peaked and then take it to the next level for a TKO in the championship rounds.

Step 3: Become the Hunter

Just because step one calls for ignoring Floyd Mayweather Jr., it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t throw verbal jabs of your own whenever you get the chance. Any time someone in the press asks you about him, respond by asking, “Are you referring to the bronze metal winning Floyd Mayweather Jr.?” Remind him of his only failure in boxing. Get under his skin and ignore him when he tries to get under yours. Floyd is an emotional guy. Find his bugaboo and get personal if you have to.

*If anyone other than Manny Pacquiao beats Pretty Boy Floyd we will assume they read this article. Our cut is 10%.

Karma Breaks Margarito’s Face

Posted on 14. Nov, 2010 by FSM Staff in Boxing, General Sports

Karma Breaks Margarito’s Face

In January 2009, Antonio Margarito tried to enter a boxing ring with loaded hand wraps to fight Sugar Shane Mosley. Last night, avid fans in the boxing world finally got their revenge for Margarito’s heinous act.

Margarito received the beating of a lifetime at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in front of a crowd of 41,734 at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. For true aficionados of the sport, the beating was well deserved for the stunt Margarito tried to pull in the Mosley fight and his subsequent claims of ignorance he expected us to believe once he was caught.

What Margarito did between January 2009 and now to earn his penance is a mystery. How does a disgraced cheater earn a shot at the best fighter in boxing today (not to mention a $3 million dollar payday)? The answer is that the disgraced cheater and the best fighter share the same promoter in Bob Arum.

I am not certain what the appropriate punishment for Antonio Margarito should have been. Hardcore fans of the sport would probably support banishment for life while those less draconian in nature would settle for a temporary suspension and some donations to charity. Few however would agree with the punishment that Margarito actually received – no punishment.

After lying low for a brief period of time after the Mosley incident, Margarito found bouts in Mexico and now Texas. It did not seem to matter to anyone else that California held firm on the decision to uphold Margarito’s suspension and not to allow him to fight in their backyard. Instead, Margarito stepped in to the ring with the hottest fighter in boxing today and made millions.

The outraged boxing fan is now left looking for justice wherever they can find it. For just like Antonio Margarito, they would like to move on from the loaded hand wraps and the Shane Mosley fight. Manny Pacquiao’s 12 round thrashing of Margarito at Cowboys Stadium last night provides a perverse sense of closure. Fans can take comfort knowing that Pacquiao beat Margarito as if he was using loaded gloves and Margarito is awaiting surgery to repair a fractured orbital bone in his face.